9mm Barnaul Sub sonic 151 gr zinc plated+ Double Pistol Case


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Range Pack 

250 rounds of 9mm Barnaul competition subsonic zinc plated ammunition plus a FFG double pistol bag. 

 What an exciting new product. This ammo was introduced at this years SHOT show and this is the first time it has been available for sale on the U.S. market. It is Barnaul's entry into the premium grade ammunition field and we think they have done a bang up job in terms of performance. Now if you are insistent on brass cases, pass this by. This ammo is steel cased, but it is a zinc-coated steel casing to ensure ultra-smooth insertion and extraction. In addition, each round is meticulously loaded to ensure a high degree of consistency in velocity and pressure, which in turn results in a high degree of accuracy. We have seen this stuff in a live-fire demo, and the small groupings it produced were amazing. Ammo features a non-reloadable Zinc coated steel case with a heavy 151 Grain FMJ bullet that travels at a sub-sonic velocity. An added bonus is that even though this is not expansion ammo, the grain weight of the bullet in a 9mm makes this an excellent all-purpose load for both defense carry and target/competition shooting. Ammo comes packaged 50 rounds/box in a 500 round case. We have been very impressed with this ammunition and believe that it is the highest quality ammo on the marketplace at anywhere near this price point.