12 Gauge Ammo 2 3/4" Truball® Deep Penetrator Rifled Slug Federal Tactical (15rds)

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Bullet Type: Truball® Deep Penetrator Hollow Point Slug

Shell Length: 2 3/4"

Bullet Weight: 1 oz.

Velocity: 1,350 ft/s

Powder: Non-Corrosive

Amount: 5 Round Box

Notes: This innovative three-piece slug system is designed to stop whatever comes in its tracks. Tactical® TruBall® Deep Penetrator Rifled Slugs achieves deeper penetration, improved accuracy and high weight retention than standard rifled slugs. The hard copper-plated lead slug is loaded in an all brass head for improved extraction and ejection and a blue hull for easy visual identification.

*This package comes with 3 boxes of 5 for 15 shells total*